Preserving your brand while featuring vastly different services

"How do we feature our practice groups without confusing our identity and our audiences?"

A law firm client has diverse practice groups under the umbrella of its firm, each with a distinct audience/client group. Practice group niches, ranging from residential real estate to corporate transactions and securities, have vastly different client bases.  They asked us to redesign their website to reflect their overall brand, while providing  entry to each practice groups.

What Roland Communications did

Our objective was to enable current and prospective clients to quickly zero in on their area of interest while exposing them to other practice groups and the overall "personality" of the firm.  In this way we could subtly expose them to other services they might need without an avalanche of unwanted information.  We:

  • Synthesized data from brief interviews with key insiders and outsiders to assure consistency of message about the brand and needs of clients.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with a web design and site building team and core client group, recommending a clean, uncluttered approach to the overall site design.
  • Featured practice groups front and center on the main navigation, and added theme-oriented navigation for each practice group in a revolving sequence, as the chief design element on the homepage.
  • Created topical headlines for the homepage, accompanied by teasers, to introduce each practice group. This provided the added benefit of exposing visitors to practice areas other than the one they came to view. Visitors could click headline and enter practice group.
  • Tailored tone and diction throughout to reflect a warm and friendly, yet professional, approach to serving clients.


  • Increased traffic to website
  • Raised visibility of newer/smaller practice groups while reinforcing overall brand
  • Enabled greater access for prospective clients to practice group leaders
  • Ensured easy maintenance for client

"We've made a significant investment in our website, marketing literature, and intellectual capital over the years," the CEO told us.

"I have a tiny marketing budget.  How can I leverage it for maximum impact?"

"How do we feature our practice groups without confusing our identity and our audiences?"

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