Marketing on a shoestring

"I have a tiny marketing budget.  How can I leverage it for maximum impact?"

We'll confess upfront:  We have a bias toward action

Can't decide what to do with a skeletal communications staff or a tiny marketing budget? Inclined to simply wait it out? Ask yourself, is something better than nothing? The answer, obviously, is "yes!"  Standing still is tantamount to going backward; you must continue to invest in your business, albeit selectively and judiciously, to maintain its viability.  And while unenlightened competitors hesitate, you reap the benefits of heightened visibility in a less crowded field.

 When small is good

"Strategic" is normally viewed as a good thing and for good reason: Following a strategic approach implies that you view your marketing/communications mission in terms of the "big picture," where individual tactics are aligned toward a larger goal.   

 In the best of all possible worlds, strategic is the way to go, but that is currently a luxury – in terms of time, money, and staff – that many companies cannot afford.  Different times call for different measures.  Consider whittling down your wish list to the "must haves" required to compete in a radically altered economic climate.

Investing prudently for maximum impact

"Think small" projects we've executed for clients in recent months include:

  • Revamping partner bios for a consulting firm's website to position partner experience in sync with client needs.
  • Designing and conducting a brief client priorities and concerns survey for an IT firm, and using the results to develop themes and content for a quarterly newsletter.
  • Unearthing a several-year-old "white paper," updating it with a topical hook, and repackaging it as a marketing piece.
  • Developing a point-of-view backgrounder for a financial services firm to introduce its principals as informed media sources.


When spending precious marketing dollars to refill a less-than-robust business pipeline, proceed with extreme caution, but don't "do nothing!" Instead, select a few small-scale initiatives that are likely to have the biggest impact, near-term.

And whether you are thinking small or big when it comes to your communications strategy and tactics, please think of us when you are looking for an experienced partner.  Unlike larger communications/marketing/PR firms, we have no monthly or project minimums.  Our clients' priorities are our priorities.



"We've made a significant investment in our website, marketing literature, and intellectual capital over the years," the CEO told us.

"I have a tiny marketing budget.  How can I leverage it for maximum impact?"

"How do we feature our practice groups without confusing our identity and our audiences?"

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