When Bigger Is Not Better

Having worked in a spectrum of communications roles -- communications director for a leading global search firm, independent consultant, and principal in an elite consulting firm -- we believe there are clear advantages for clients in working with an independent consultant as opposed to a larger consulting firm:

  • The right team for the job - When additional resources are called for, we select from our network of top communications professionals the best match for both the client and the work.
  • Responsive to your needs - As an independent consultancy, we work only with a few, select clients at any given time. Your concerns are our highest priority.
  • Cost effective - As an independent consultancy, we are able to charge a fraction of what a larger consulting firm would charge for the same quality work. There are no prohibitive project or monthly minimums and no mark-ups for expenses and collateral services.

"We've made a significant investment in our website, marketing literature, and intellectual capital over the years," the CEO told us.

"I have a tiny marketing budget.  How can I leverage it for maximum impact?"

"How do we feature our practice groups without confusing our identity and our audiences?"

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